The 2013 Spanish Session will take place on Wednesday, April 3 at 6:30pm at the Jorge Luis Borges Library – Instituto Cervantes New York: 211 E 49th St (on the corner of Third Avenue)

The author will attend the event.

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The Book: Cocaine Queen, by Nuria Amat

Queen CocaineFollowing the footsteps of a writer persecuted because of his ideas and tortured by his own frustrations, a young Catalan woman embarks on an adventure in the jungles of Colombia where her familiar world shatters and from which nothing emerges unharmed.

Confronted by solitude in a region where it rains incessantly, she discovers, first in her lover, then in the people around her, the alarming signs of a devastating war. In a narrative that swings between intimacy and horror, she bears witness to a hell in which she abandons everything except the language she has had to reinvent, as her only refuge, to speak about the thousand new faces death has shown her.

The Author

Nuria Amat (Barcelona, 1950) is a writer and has served as a professor of library science at the University of Barcelona. With the publication of her novels La intimidad, El país del alma (finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Award 2001) and Reina de América (City of Barcelona Prize 2002) she has achieved international reach.

With notable professionals translating her works into English, French, Italian, Hungarian, Romanian, Arabic, Portuguese, German and Swedish. The English version of Reina de América, titled Queen Cocaine, was nominated for the prestigious International IMPAC Prize in 2007. She currently resides in Barcelona.

The Reviews

The Village Voice: “…the Barcelona-based Catalan author brings an alien sensibility and lush, invented language to Queen Cocaine, set in Colombia’s war-ravaged countryside…. Amat‘s book is a paranoid fever dream of a peasant novel – heir to those of Rulfo and Fanon, but also Lispector – filtered through the gaze of her doomed outsider.” Reat more

Publishers Weekly: Amat deftly conjures the funereal landscape of Colombia’s Pacific coast — an indifferent sea; intemperate rains; a jungle carpeted with snakes and punctuated by swamps… a traumatic forced evacuation of the village near the end adds gravitas to the book, which is an acute, grimly poetic account of a South American heart of darkness.” Read more

Kirkus Reviews: “In all, a revelatory tale that reads like the testimony of a shell-shocked survivor.” Read more

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